Mercy Bakery is an idea that was founded on the principle that people around the world should have access to the most basic form of sustenance: bread. Mercy Bakery is the brainchild of a group of volunteers from the New York – based organization Muslims Giving Back (MGB) and the Yemen-based organization Humanity for Relief and Development (HRD), who previously worked together to rebuild a Children’s Cancer Hospital in Sana’a, Yemen.

Our Goal :

Our mission is to provide free, public bakeries around the world for those in need. The first ever branch of Mercy Bakery will open up in Sana’a, Yemen in August of 2018. Our goal is to provide at least 2,000 loaves of bread a day to families in need, therefore providing a minimum of 60,000 loaves a month. With an operating cost of less than $3,000 a month, which includes supplies, maintenance, and salaries for the staff, that amounts to less than 4 cents a loaf! The great staff of Mercy Bakery in Yemen is comprised six strong young female Yemeni orphans.

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MGB: 5218 3RD AVE, BROOKLYN, NY 11220